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4 place that usually using mosaic for decoration.

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2017

Living room wall: In the past decoration, the mosaic is more used in the kitchen and bathroom, with more and more changes in the type and style, mosaic gradually applied to the living room, porch and other space as a decoration. Due to the mosaic wall background with small mosaic, so it is more flexibility than other materials such as wallpaper.

Entrance wall: porch wall as the first line of the door, many people like to use mosaic for embellishment, is the door of the wall, the use of special shapes, such as bread mosaics or printed mosaics, with the console and Lights, people can feel the master's unique taste.

Bathroom wall: the bathroom is the most commonly used place for the mosaic, because the mosaic reflective and rich colors can give people the feeling of jumping and fluctuations, for the need for a quiet, relaxing bathroom, you can not use jumping or bright colors.

Kitchen wall: The kitchen uses glass mosaics, metal mosaics and other materials, can make the cramped, dark space instantly brighten, the bright surface of the mosaic can well reflect the light, but also to some extent, expanded the kitchen's line of sight.

Mosaic colors are vary, it using to decorate the wall, will make the whole house look vibrant and stylish. Turn on the lights at night, mosaics reflect the lights, but also another style, a little more romantic. Perhaps this is why it is so popular nowadays.