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Glass mosaic backsplashes

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2017

The colorful glass brings vitality to the mosaic. It is based on the different varieties of glass, is divided into a variety of small varieties. Widely used in various rooms, Inside and outside the decoration, any straight and curved surface can be applied, such as bathroom, kitchen wall and lobby columns, around the fireplace, the company signs, theme mural fountains, swimming pools, sauna, counter top, bars, luxury hotels until the public decoration . Can also be designed according to customer requirements for Different style and foot line.

The appearance of a colorless, transparent, tinted transparent, translucent, gold, brown. The front is shiny smooth delicate edging. back isColored mirror. Mirror glass mosaic is a glass mosaic (

Glass mosaic tile or glass tile paper) a series of categories. It is a small size colored finishes glass. General specifications for 30 mm × 30 mm, 50 mm × 50 mm. The thickness of 4-6 mm. Due to the strong reflective properties

, Often used to decorate business entertainment clubs, stage

, Movie backdrops and so on. Is the current trend of safety and environmental protection building materials. It is the most exquisite decoration materials, the combination of change

There is a great deal of possibility: the general decoration uses a solid color or embellishment.

Has a soft color, simple, elegant, nice, chemical stability, good thermal stability. And there is no discoloration, no dust, light weight, strong bond and other characteristics, and more for indoor local, balcony outside the decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, full bloom temperature, water resistance, Acid resistance should be consistent with national standards. Mirror glass mosaic in business club, Disco

Ballroom, skating rink, bars, clubs, etc., especially in the dark surroundings and indoor wall, the application of the ground, the luminous effect is more prominent. If the design and construction assistance to match violet, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps for targeted exposure, transparent light, quiet and deep night in the building itself adds extraordinary mystery and infinite romantic atmosphere.

installation method: 

1, Make sure the construction surface is smooth and clean. After laying the baseline, apply the adhesive evenly on the construction surface.

2, in order to mirror glass mosaic affixed, flattened, to ensure that each is compacted and fully integrated with the adhesive. 3, filling joints. Fill the gap with a caulk or original backing adhesive. (Not available caustic cement and other caulk)

4, cleaning. With a wet sponge will be attached to the mosaic on the excess sealant clean, and then wipe the cloth, to complete the construction steps.