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how to design restaurant background with mosaic?

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 17, 2017

The practical function of restaurant and Beautiful simplicity is very important.

Color design should be based on clear and light colors, the most suitable is orange and yellow, these two colors have the effect of stimulating appetite, in addition, people have different feeling of the color in different seasons, which can make use of the tablecloths in the restaurant , Lamps and reflectors to adjust to produce different sentiment.

Restaurant decoration features to be fully reflected, the restaurant's decoration, including curtains, tablecloths, flowers, floors, etc., to choose the appropriate curtains and tablecloths, the texture of chemical fiber products are better, because cotton fabric easy to absorb food odor, and Not easy to wash. Plants and flowers can adjust the ambient atmosphere, landscaping dining environment, the floor selection of easy to wash, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling and other materials.

The biggest drawback of using mosaic as a background wall is not easy to clean. the color of mosaic easy becoming old. easy to give people a kind of unclean feeling. But stained glass mosaic can keep the color and nver faded.