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Facade Wall Tile Cleaning Method:

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Facade Wall Tile Cleaning Method:

1, cement pollution. When the external wall tiles surface contamination of cement is not much, can be directly used to eradicate the method of treatment, if the amount of cement is too much contaminated, you can use a professional concrete cleaning agent to clean up.
2, pan-alkali pollution. Such as the external walls of tiles encountered pan-alkali pollution, can be used directly to the alkali agent to clean up. Because the alkali agent can be cleaned tiles, water brick, clay products, natural stone and concrete surface of the natural products.
3, dust pollution. When the external walls of ceramic tile on the wall too much dust can be used directly to clean the mop, easy effort.
4, rust stains. For the rust on the wall of the wall, you need to use a professional rust cleaning agent.
5, paint pollution. When the wall wall tiles on the paint, it is recommended to use oil-based paint scavenger to clean up.
6, lime dirt pollution. You can use acid detergent cleaning.
Exterior wall tiles cleaning Note:

1, regardless of the external wall tiles encountered what kind of pollution, in the use of detergent cleaning decontamination must remember to wear plastic gloves.
2, after the removal of stains, need to re-use the water to clean the brick surface.
3, the occurrence of tiles are contaminated, it should be wiped with a damp cloth, it is best not to wait until the new stains into old stains, and then use chemicals to clean, which will affect the tiles of luster, water resistance and life expectancy and so on.
4, if the family is high on the floor, cleaning the external walls need high-altitude operations, you must ask a professional cleaning company to clean, do not own hands, very dangerous.