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Floor Tiles And Flooring Which Is Good In The Use Of Function.

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Floor tiles and flooring which is good in the use of function.
1, for the visual senses
The floor of the color, excellent softness, gives the affinity is very good (this is when you ask relatives and friends often recommend the floor when one of the reasons). While the tiles are given a relatively stiff feeling;
2, for the insulation performance
The floor of the indoor temperature insulation has advantages, and tiles due to heat conduction fast, insulation performance is relatively poor. Especially in the absence of heating is near the winter or autumn in winter and did not open the heating time of the winter, the whole ground gives the feeling will be very cold, uncomfortable, if the housing position north, the situation will be more serious;
3, for personal protection
Children and the elderly in the family, due to the child's naughty lively and the elderly's inconvenience, prone to fall and touch the small family accident, then the tiles on the elderly, the child's injury is undoubtedly more serious than the floor, so Like this kind of staff structure of the family, I recommend choosing the floor.
4, for cleaning and maintenance on
For the current floor and floor tiles, because the floor area is the same size, ordinary cleaning (such as dust, grease, water stains clean up) the cleaning time, to pay the physical, get the effect is the same. But because the floor has a gap, so grease, water can enter the floor cracks, so the damage to the floor is more serious, while the tiles are almost no harm.