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What Kind Of Glue Is The Tile?

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

What kind of glue is the tile?
1, de-alcoholated TC
This tile is better, not corrosive. But for marble, steel and other materials, the adhesion will be relatively poor. If the construction at high temperatures, the reaction will be slower, can not play a function, will form bubbles, affecting the construction quality.
2, deacidification type
This deodorized glue cloth is suitable for use on cement and stone because it reacts with the surface of the alkaline material and the substrate has a very large expansion coefficient that may produce displacement or vibrations. If the construction is too thin, May lead to neutral rubber and yellow hair is too thin.
3, deacetal type
This type of glue is very transparent, in the fixed when the time will be distributed in acetic acid, the taste is very strong, for the coated glass and some inorganic materials such as corrosive.